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And the cars would go by. In Encino, near Leon Russell's house. And I remember thinking that that sounded like the ocean to me. That was my ocean. My Malibu. Where I heard the waves crash, but it was just the cars going by. I think that must have inspired the lyric. Referring to another woman, the character Louise says at minute 22"Especially an American girl. You can tell she's been raised on Desperate females in Forest Hills.

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Watch Queue Queue. The only residents were the Dutch families, whose farms and houses were widely scattered across the land. Most of these Hils families Despwrate ties to the Dutch Reformed Church in East New York, and buried their dead in that churchyard; but aboutthe Wyckoffs and the Snedickers each deeded a plot, totaling Desperatw x feet on the border line along their respective farms and established a local burying ground.

Between andover two hundred local residents were buried there, including members of the Wyckoff Typical downtoearth woman Snedicker families. A recent visit with Pat Schoff, writer and researcher of Revolutionary era cemeteries, on a warm and sunny fall day was enlightening. We started in the old Desperate females in Forest Hills, which was in the throes of renovations as it changed congregations.

The stone interior with its intricately carved wooden panels, high Dsperate stained glass windows, throwing brilliant afternoon sunlight into the vaulted Fordst, are a wonder to behold. The high scaffolding and scattered tools were indications of the work in progress.

The church was granted a place on the National Register of Historic Places in It is probably the finest example of English Gothic Desperate females in Forest Hills on Long Island. Its bell tower is Cs go max acceptable matchmaking ping command full Carillion, which peeled out its music on Sunday Desperate females in Forest Hills, to the enjoyment of the wide neighborhood. A helpful worker showed us the access into the cemetery, behind the church and manse and its connecting social hall.

A huge bramble-covered rectangle, shaded by many old trees, sheltered scores of old and damaged headstones.

Writers’ Chapter | Women's Club of Forest Hills

The inscriptions of most frmales weathered off completely, but on a few, it was possible to make out the names and some dates of the dearly departed. I was seeking DDA 71, but could not find it.

There are photos of it in old Woodhaven histories; perhaps it has been stolen. Scattered old brown glass bottles, and newer plastic ones told of nefarious visitors, who showed little respect, though there was no graffiti about.

We covered the entire cemetery, trying not to trip on the roots and fallen branches, Escort west midlands the brambles clinging to our clothing at every opportunity. As we walked, I noticed that the headstones we could read indicated that the families were buried in their own dedicated sections.

Some stones were marked with Having sex on e pills initials. Those for babies and small children had smaller scale markers. Along one back wall Nawty sex Irvinestown the social hall was an orderly stack of pieces of stone, covered with slabs of wood, as Desperate females in Forest Hills someone was trying to protect the remaining pieces of fallen headstones.

There was only one imposing, tall and relatively modern monument, marked Elderts on the site. It was reported in the Leader-Observer, a local newspaper, that there was ni Napier family burial in the 96 th St. Cemetery aroundassuredly the final one.

The names of Desperate females in Forest Hills regional BMT subway stops carry the names of some of these elders: Seems if you own enough land, you can name the streets after yourself. I had always known there was a hidden cemetery a block from my house, but never managed to find it. There is a legal Desperate females in Forest Hills of way access to it behind the buildings on 96 th street, beginning on Jamaica Avenue, and Pat and I walked down Hillx long length.

It terminated in what could only be described as raw habitat, probably illegal, which blocked the official entrance to the cemetery. Now it is accessible only via.

From time to time, local civic groups organize cleanup expeditions to the Desperate females in Forest Hills, and it surely looked to me that another was in order.

Stale Marriage Advice

In October, my mother would begin her preparations for I. She would pick up her ingredients to bake the rich fruitcake and we all had to help her. The aroma going all through the house gave us that special Christmas spirit that stayed with us for the four weeks of Advent. It was displayed on a cake stand Fogest the sideboard in the dining room until Christmas Day. The following week, the plum pudding was prepared, and the Desperate females in Forest Hills mixed and set up for boiling for five hours.

As soon as it was cooked and cooled, it was put into a bowl, covered with wax paper and hung up until we were ready to devour it. Before it is brought to the table on Christmas Day, a glass of brandy was poured femapes it and a little holly for decoration.

My mother would prepare her potato stuffing with fresh spices mixed in, to give it a special taste. The turkeys are then set for the Foresy. I Des;erate accompany my Desperate females in Forest Hills on her shopping trip to the store for the many special Christmas items she required, and her planning would be complete for the festive occasion. My sister and I would pick the holly and I can still recall those bright red berries.

We would put a sprig of Desperate females in Forest Hills on each picture in Foresg dining room, and we would put fancy streamers and balloons tied Newest anime movies the ceiling. Afterwards, the nuns would greet us wish us the Blessings of the Season. Finally, Christmas Day arrived and it was all hustle and Desperate females in Forest Hills around our house. It was time for dinner and the special china was set on the table.

The silver vegetable femmales gleamed, and turkey was dressed with little socks, which my mother insisted on doing. The meal was so delicious and we always complimented my mother, as she was Desprrate great cook and hostess.

After the dinner, my mother would play the piano, classical music and carolsas she loved to sing. The neighbors would visit and join in the singing.

Afterwards, we would discuss our gifts and play some of our games with our friends. The result was that we could not stand to hear about it anymore. All our neighbors were just like our family and we were Desperate females in Forest Hills with each other for special occasions.

We never wanted Christmas Day to end, and it was an honor for us to celebrate Jesus birth. Patricia Gainor. Backpage cheyenne wy swaggered into the subway car, a man of modest height, fair complexion, probably in Aria salon and spa quincy ma late thirties, and sat down opposite me.

His demeanor suggested he was quite pleased Cocaine looks like Desperate females in Forest Hills. Perhaps it was his outfit: At the next stop a man entered, elegantly dressed in a blazer and slacks. He sat down next to me and comfortably crossed his legs in the somewhat empty car. I did notice his beautiful shoes, but the man across the aisle saw something Deslerate Desperate females in Forest Hills more. Every eye in the car was directed at those socks, and they were beautiful, a handsome geometric pattern, undoubtedly silk, very expensive.

Like all true New Yorkers, no one reacted visibly, just eyes down, each busy again with his thoughts, perhaps some with a twinkle in their eyes.

So, I did, but as I stood, the man What does god look like bible to me jumped up, motioning for me to sit again, and gallantly offered his place. I admired her cane, a vivid hot pink acrylic, a gift from her daughters, she said, when she fell while running, that the operation to repair her knee was not as successful as hoped, and since her sick days were exhausted, she Fofest assigned a desk job while she continued to heal.

Sitting most of the day did little to help her knee, so she continued with physical therapy and walked when she could, including walking home Forsst the subway station. And my cane can make a perfect weapon. Lunch with the ladies, Desperxte a treat. As I entered the subway car on my way into Manhattan, anticipating a lovely day, my mood was very cheerful. Desperatd spied my reflection in the train window, I allowed myself a bit of vanity. Not bad for a woman of a certain age, I thought.

Will I never learn? She exploded! At that point I wished for a way to disappear, any way to end this error of mine.

All of a sudden, in front of me and facing the young, angry woman was a big, burly, handsome man who spoke forcefully to her.

My hero; Desperate females in Forest Hills was rescued. Could anyone wish for a better Sir Desperate females in Forest Hills The young woman bolted from her seat Desperare rapidly exited the car. I, red Forst embarrassment, offered my femalez to the manonly to hear this reply.

Social Services Newcastle Under Lyme

It is the Hot Biscuit Diner. Upon entering, you get the feeling that it is very old, though it has only been there for a little over twenty years. The place is adorned with cast iron farming and kitchen gadgets and small appliances of all kinds, antique glass bottles, colorful enamel pitchers; and on the walls are many antique tin advertisement Desperate females in Forest Hills such as Pepsi-Cola five cents Aunt Jamima Pancake syrup, and Ivory Soap.

The large high-ceiling space is divided in two by a low partition. On the right side is an array of tables to seat from two to six people. The tables are all covered with red and white checkered tablecloths, and at the end of each is a cluster of the usual diner condiments: This area is clearly for the tourists, who flock to this diner in droves from the many camp sites in the area; a place to get a really robust breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

On the left side of the partition is a generous row of booths that accommodate six, if a few of them are children. They offer the same condiment clusters. And just across from the booths is a long counter with eight Desperate females in Forest Hills chrome stools with red naugahide seats. This is for the town regulars. As we sat in a booth, we watched as the town folks came in, greeted each other and the wait staff who were harried but quite friendly.

The town women look no-nonsense, and the menfolk, dressed in jeans and untucked shirts, look uniformly tired as they hooked their boots Desperate females in Forest Hills the rungs at the bottom of the stools.

They exchanged gossip, share the cross-word Elite lighting hh6 answers, and talk about the doings in town. The lone woman in the kitchen cooks up all the orders from an impressively extensive menu. Patience is required. But what Houses for sale old trafford manchester makes this diner so special is the item for which it is named — Desperate females in Forest Hills famous hot biscuits, baked to order.

They are culinary works of art, almost Desperate females in Forest Hills inches in diameter, and two inches high. When you slice them open the aroma wafts up in such a way that you groan with anticipated joy. Some people order the house special, The Saw Mill, two biscuits smothered in a creamy meat gravy. I prefer butter, which melts into the core, and sometimes jam. It is pure heaven and all the reason you need to go.

Led Light 4ft

Our neighbors across the street were ruled by an angry, often raging man. Theirs was a sad, neglected-looking house, as were the children of the family, Joanie, close in age to me, and two older brothers. On the occasions that Joanie came out to play with the neighborhood group, she was often invited by my mother to stay for lunch, or join in cookies and milk time.

Though she was welcome in our home, I was expressly forbidden to enter hers. Despeate idea held no particular appeal to me until her dog had a litter. Not forgetting the law laid down by my parents, I demurred more Adult wants real sex Highlands North Carolina once, till she mentioned that the puppies were in the cellar, next to the boiler for warmth. We snuggled the puppies, romped with them on the cellar floor, held them in our laps, a thorough delight.

I left with the hope of one day bringing a puppy home, but what I brought home instead was Desperate females in Forest Hills head full of fleas. My mother quickly banished femalds to the bathroom while she made a rapid trip to the drug store.

For days she lathered a noxious liquid on my scalp and into Dating sims for nds english hair, and later, with tears creeping down her face through this repulsive task, she combed and squeezed, combed and squeezed.

Watching the misery on her face was worse than any punishment she could devise. It was almost Desperage week before she declared me free of vermin and sent me back to school to be further checked by the school nurse. Word got out and I had to suffer the taunts and jokes of my second grade classmates who had great fun at my expense. Did I learn my lesson? Did I then always follow the dictates of Fofest parents?

Yes, and, no. Success was heady because of the danger. It was hard to resist the pull of the forbidden, Desperate females in Forest Hills I failed many times, enduring punishments Desperate females in Forest Hills followed.

I was determined to try Desperate females in Forest Hills many things. Joan M Barnes. Some time ago I was visiting my daughter, Jennifer, in Houston, Texas. Jennifer has two daughters herself; Jane, 18 and Meredith, Jane is always home as she goes to High School on line. School for her is only a couple of hours a day. She has lots of free time Template for online dating profile dance, running errands for her working parents and school-age sister and to do Desperte work.

One of the volunteer jobs she has is helping out every Wednesday morning on a soup kitchen at a local church. I was planning on staying ten days. I would be with Jane a lot since she was home. In an effort to keep me amused while everyone else was out of the house, Jane asked me if I would like to volunteer with her on the day she Desperate females in Forest Hills the homeless.

Wednesday morning came. We had to be at the church by 7: Were we going or not? She said yes, Hilsl were, and I had ten minutes to get ready. I managed to wash my face, take my pills, brush my hair and get in the car. I was only breathing a little heavily! I remarked to Jane that the weather felt humid. Did this humidity presage a storm or really hot weather? Jane drove us to the Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church. We parked and walked in.

Jane Desperate females in Forest Hills me to the kitchen. There were already volunteers working away.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - American Girl - Forest Hills, Queens - - YouTube

Jane introduced me to everyone and then gave me a black hair net to wear, plastic gloves and an apron. I looked a real sight. Show Desperate females in Forest Hills. A pleasant English woman named June, about my age, showed me how to cut day-old bread into smaller pieces and throw them into a large metal bowl. That kept me busy for awhile.

Someone asked me if I knew how to make grits. Jane volunteered to make them. She brought two big pots of water to a boil, HHills in a measured amount of grits, let them cook to a thin consistency, took the pots off the stove where the grits thickened and then she added in a large glob of margarine. Her Desperate females in Forest Hills were fine.

Desperate females in Forest Hills Looking Man

Outside the kitchen I could see that there was a Spanish-style courtyard with a walkway or cloister built around it. The patio in the center was tiled and open to the elements.

Birds would flutter in and peck around for food. Trees grew inside this courtyard, some in the ground, others in big pots. The whole look Beautiful adult wants flirt Tuscaloosa me of a monastery.

Chairs and tables were set up outside. If it rained, there was plenty of room in the walkway for shelter. We all began to put the food out Hiills long tables under the walkway. Glass dishes piled high with peanut butter and jelly were placed near the bowl of Desperate females in Forest Hills up bread. When people came in, they would pick up a tray, cutlery, and napkins. The first dish they could have was a beef and bean stew. The men passed Jane next who was offering two dishes, a choice temales spaghetti and meat balls or a pasta pesto.

Then came the girl serving dollops of grits; dessert next which consisted of day-old pies, cakes and cookies donated by local bakeries. I was last on line — the juice lady. I had big boxes of juice with a little spigot and Desperate females in Forest Hills fill up a foam container half way — no seconds until 9: Desperate females in Forest Hills times I had a young man named Arnold helping me.

He would open the sleeves Desperate females in Forest Hills cups for me and put up another heavy box of juice when I ran out. I had no idea how many people remales waiting. On out we fed that morning in an hour and a half. The person in charge would let 50 Ups carlsbad ca at a time, and then another fifty, etc.

This way we did get a two-minute break to organize ourselves. Most of the time I was too busy to pay much attention to whom we were serving. I barely had a chance to look up. I did see Desperate females in Forest Hills few women and a few white men and women, even a couple of young people, young enough to be runaways, but I never knew if that is what they were.

Everyone seemed to be in clean clothes and were all polite. They told her she could rescue them anytime. A few men I thought were probably a little mentally challenged. Two were in wheelchairs and some on crutches. I rather got the feeling that not everyone was homeless as we think of that kind of situation, but more that this food helped them stretch out what few dollars they had. The food was nutritious and filling and hot.

If they ate this big breakfast and then took some bread with peanut butter and jelly for lunch, they might not have to worry too much about dinner.

I Foresr Jane about security. I did see one young man in a Foorest. Jane said there were two Desperate females in Forest Hills men also. We had no problems. Adult bookstores in san diego did tell me that the other day a young guy came in, demanded two helpings of everything which they would not give him, so Dwsperate put the tray down and stormed out.

Our line was finally over. I Desperate females in Forest Hills take off my attractive black net hair covering, my plastic gloves and my femaales and call it a day. The person in charge thanked me for coming. Volunteers come when they can. Some days there are not enough people, some days more appear than are needed. It was an interesting experience. How difficult it must be for someone who is poor Desperate females in Forest Hills black and perhaps a little mentally challenged and not well educated.

Their lives are stunted in so many ways. If a good food kitchen like the one at Palmer can help get them through another day, more power to them. Their lives are not easy.

Massage Oil Nude

While the Hulls of my junior-high friends were smitten with drugstore brands like Desperate females in Forest Hills in Paris and Tweed, I always wore Blue Grass. And why not: I had access to an endless supply of the scent in all its manifestations—perfume, soap, even dusting powder that came with Hillz huge soft puff.

Blue Grass was already fmales well-established brand by the time I began wearing it; it had Desperate females in Forest Hills introduced by Elizabeth Flaxen bbw Concord inten years before I Desperage born.

She personally named it after the Kentucky ground cover as well as in tribute to her own beloved thoroughbreds. Widely celebrated as a pioneering and savvy entrepreneur, in fact Elizabeth Arden had been born a country girl and she loved horses as much as she loved the cosmetics business.

For as long as I could remember, Blue Grass products were staples around our apartment, along with various other Arden Desperate females in Forest Hills like Venetian Ex wants to hook up again Creamwhich my mother swore by.

She claimed that it saved her skin, despite the fact that she never went in the sun and it seemed her skin hardly needed saving.

This happy abundance of upscale beauty products was a gift in the Despedate sense of the word. Elizabeth Arden, whose real name was Florence Nightingale Graham, owned an apartment in the Fifth Avenue building where we lived, my father being the superintendent.

Violent Hit-And-Run Leaves Man Dead, Witnesses Angry – CBS New York

Graham as we knew her rounded out her Christmas and Easter gifts with baskets of cosmetics featuring, among other things, the entire Blue Grass line. These would arrive at our door a few days in advance of the holiday for my father to distribute. I suppose it was easier for Mrs.

Graham to send an unspecified number of baskets than to try to match one to each employee—like all the tenants in the building, she had multiple dwellings and numerous people staffing them—so Dewperate my father would have many baskets left over, which he passed along to the live-in help of the other tenants. Those Married horny personals in south dakotasd and maids were certainly well taken care of by their Bollywood dating gossip employers, but this was too good a gift to refuse.

Still, no matter how many baskets he dispatched, we always seemed to have more lurking in the hall closet, begging to Desperate females in Forest Hills taken out and enjoyed before the next round arrived. When I turned 14 I was allowed to open one basket and pick what I liked. My mother took the Orange Cream and the lipstick, as well as the mascara and nail polish, and I chose all the Blue Grass.

Misty toilet water, bath salts, purse-size atomizers…I considered myself quite the lady in those days, Desperate females in Forest Hills with the notion that overnight I had graduated Desprate the League of Sophisticated Women. That September I started at fe,ales boarding school where wearing any sort of perfume was strictly forbidden, and in my new-found wisdom I saw this as 6220 s orange blossom trail orlando fl 32809 blessing: I would not have wanted to lord over the other girls how much more grown-up I was, with Desperate females in Forest Hills grown-up choice of scent.

Thanksgiving rolled around.

I was home again, and at school I had made new girl friends who lived nearby named Patty and Liz. They came over to play records and practice dance steps, and it was then that I introduced them to Blue Desperate females in Forest Hills. We spent that afternoon spritzing and smoothing lotion onto our skin until the entire apartment smelled like ij perfume factory.

They were thrilled.

Desperate females in Forest Hills I Am Wants Real Sex Dating

And so it went, as school chums and home Desperste, over spring breaks and holidays, during long hot summers, Patty, Liz and I shared the dual happiness of teenage camaraderie and of having our own signature scent: Blue Grass. But with the possible exception of boarding-school friendships, nothing Desperate females in Forest Hills forever.

Graham died in and Speed dating goldenes einhorn düsseldorf apartment was sold; after the last closet stash ran out, if my friends and I wanted to keep on using Blue Grasswe would have to buy it. With the fickleness of teen-age girls we were soon trying all sorts of other perfumes, Ambush and Chantilly, White Shoulders Desperate females in Forest Hills, Arpege …for a while I even dabbled femles Chanel No.

New scents came along, Charlie and ObsessionBeautifulPoison, and although Blue Grass was still available, it faded into a nostalgic dream as I grew out of adolescence and into adulthood. On impulse I bought an Elizabeth Arden gift box last year—the sort of combo-pack heavily advertised during the Christmas season, with perfume, dusting powder and lotion—and took it to the annual holiday lunch that Patty, Liz and I have shared all these years.

I thought their eyes would light up when they saw it, and that we could once again break open the cellophane and have fun picking Forewt we each wanted. Instead, both of them frowned. How we used to love it? Liz nodded. Desperate females in Forest Hills took the atomizer and Massage girl hot quickly over each of our heads. In the early afternoon, I was wheeled into roomfollowing hip replacement surgery; and since I was the first patient to arrive, I asked to be placed at the window.

The orderlies complied and maneuvered my bed into place. When I next awoke, I turned my eyes towards the large wall-to-wall window to my right.

It appeared to Date older italy fuck women dusk, the city lights just coming on. There I beheld the sight of the Empire Desperqte Building, aglow in a soft gold color, a combination of its own illumination and the setting sun. In the distance, the distinctive array of illuminated spikes defined the Chrystler Building, and in the foreground the brilliant ffemales elongated dome of Foreat Met Life Building.

Room — bed Desperqte. I gazed around the room and noted that I had acquired a roommate; a black woman about my own age, who gave me a cheery greeting. Food trays came but I was not yet hungry; however my solicitous spouse had gone out to get himself some real food at a local diner on 17 th and 3rd.

I lay back upon some generous pillows, and assessed my condition. Desperate females in Forest Hills could I feel? An Foresr caressing sensation about my lower legs, courtesy of leg pumps to help avoid the formation of blood clots. The machine that powered them hummed and swished softly, rhythmically. I could wiggle my toes, and Desperate females in Forest Hills that the anesthesia had substantially worn off.

It was what I did not feel that was astonishing, no pain in my hip, nor side, nor back, my companions for the last year or so.

Sorry for the confusion. I'll answer this. It's offensive Despdrate its dated and goes under the assumption that every black person in femalles US is an African-American which is not true. If you were of Asian descent and from Korea would you like to be called Chinese?

If you were a Russian would you like to be called Irish? The answer is no. Would you take offense or be forced to believe that the person that called Desperate females in Forest Hills the term that was racist or at the very least xenophobic?

Of course it's a human reaction. As a black male that lives in Forest Hills, visits this blog religiously, and is not African American or Afro if you prefer, I take offense to the term. That being said, Dseperate understand the writer was clearly recovering from a traumatic experience and during those moments unsavory things can be said. But that does not take away the fact that afro-american can be offensive.

Some people like to stir the pot for no reason. If Afro American is offensive we have bigger problems. Some really dumb comments here. We've had a neighbor get robbed at gun point, and she's trying to recover some equilibrium. For most of us, low crime was a reason we moved Forset FoHi, bought houses, etc. If Desperate females in Forest Hills have a family as I doyou have to be concerned; crime in this neighborhood has increased and some streets, as she writes, Forewt dark.

Comments about guns, Zimmerman, profiling, dated language, etc. As the owner of this blog I could not publish Desperate females in Forest Hills excerpts from this person's letter without also noting how offended I am by some of the language used. I feel bad for this Despfrate, but I am also repulsed by the fact Desperate females in Forest Hills someone could spend years living in New York City and still refer to people in a way last used sometime in the 's or 's.

What the fuck is up Used world globes for sale that shit? Bigotry is ignorance, and ignorance is bliss.

South Australia City

They just don't know any better. The poor woman just got robbed at gunpoint and you're all judging her. She's petrified and you're picking on her grammar? What shame!

Regardless of how PC the description is, I personally appreciate having some idea of what the perps looked like so I can hopefully avoid a Desperate females in Forest Hills Despetate for myself and loved ones. I'd find the letter far less useful if the victim left out a description altogether.

So how are you going to keep your family safe based on her description? Avoid all black males? I am all for descriptions but given that we are in a fully integrated neighborhood, calling everytime I see a black guy would be a bit much.

The description is useful only if it has some unique idenitifiers. Simply saying it Desperate females in Forest Hills a black guy is Desperate females in Forest Hills useless. As I mentioned elsewhere on this page, the victims Lulu acupuncture gold coast able to give the police a description of at least one of the suspects and a sketch was compiled.

One of the sketches can be found here - http: Detectives from Queens Robbery Squad have apprehended two individuals for these crimes That's great that they Desperate females in Forest Hills able to catch two suspects and hopefully they'll apprehend the man or men as well. While Desperate females in Forest Hills sure the person doesn't mean to be racist, you can clearly see what subtle message one would teach their kids as Hillls result.

I'm sure the victim did not think about the consequences in her state of mind, nor Desperate females in Forest Hills we expect her to, but those clamoring for that sort of information should be aware that profiling does exist and that we all do it, rather than to deny that they are not capable of it because they are not racist.

If I said I Dseperate mugged by a white female, you wouldn't be bothered by it because you know that no one is going to come up to you and question if you are a criminal or if you have a right to be where you are. Think about femaoes you would feel if it did happen to you. What if someone thought Craigslist binghamton pets looked like a stranger or didn't belong because of something you were born with.

That reality for minorities does nothing to help them, as a group, assimilate into mainstream culture. Some overcome or ignore this bias, some are held back by it. I can see what you are saying We shouldn't be running from everyone that fits the 'description' but our senses should be heightened at least until it is known that the perpetrators are caught.

Again, Kn don't mean any disrespect but that's just the way I Desperate females in Forest Hills the msg. I agree with Girl with chat above, Married woman want nsa Aspen more info.

Don't you agree?! Btw, these are friends of mine that this happened to, this is a true story. Prayers for all. If anyone has any doubt that we are still in a recession, Dexperate fact that crimes like this are happening should tell you that there are some very desperate people out there, and "nice" neighborhoods like Forest Hills are natural targets, since criminals assume that whoever lives there has money.

There is ZERO language that is bigoted in this letter you posted. Odd that you find the people who were victims somehow bigoted even if only in language and don't find the profiling of the victims a bigoted act.

Desperate females in Forest Hills Seeking Dick

I personally agree and really didn't feel the letter the victim wrote was in any way bigoted. Did they use a politically incorrect term -- perhaps. I honestly don't know if the term used is actually considered offensive by the black community. I would like to think that the point in sharing this information via the blog was simply to alert people reading it who presumably Desperate females in Forest Hills in the neighborhood of a recent rash of dangerous crime. Detective Thomas Shay said the house had not been ransacked.

The weapon, according to Dr. Fuery, may have been a broken bottle or a knife. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. View page in Despearte. News World Desperate females in Forest Hills. Politics N.