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Romeo and juliet effect psychology

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I have not said anything to my daughter yet about my opinion even though she has confided in me about some of this boy's demands.

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My Romeo and juliet effect psychology says to let it go -- that this is puppy love and that if I push her to get away julier this boy that that will only make her want him more. Dating Elizabeth New Jersey women let me say that I am always happy when parents psychklogy talking to each other and not tuning each other out and making unilateral decisions.

Good for you and your husband! Now about this boy. I, too, have concerns about him.

The Romeo and Juliet Effect: How Disapproval Can Affect Your Relationship

It is not one single behavior that I am concerned about, but the whole package of behaviors. You asked if it is normal Romo a year-old boy to express his love to a girlfriend.

It's not entirely unusual these days that kids say things on technology Romeo and juliet effect psychology they wouldn't say in person. Technologically-delivered psychhology give them a feeling of anonymity and when people feel anonymous, they say and do things that they wouldn't otherwise wouldn't.

However, you describe a host of other issues.

This boy is possessive, a bit obsessive and jealous. This concerns me.

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This is not what puppy love should be comprised of. I am glad that your daughter is confiding in you and that you are checking her messages. I agree with Romeo and juliet effect psychology husband that if you forbid your daughter from interacting with this boy then you may inadvertently create Psychologyy Romeo and Juliet Effect.

Let me explain. In psychological literature, the Romeo and Juliet Effect refers to the powerful urge to react against restrictions.

Romeo & Juliet, Do Your Parents Approve of the Relationship? | Psychology Today

So, like Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare's romantic tragedy parents' disapproval may push the teens to want to Romek even closer. Nonetheless, I believe that you cannot stand by passively and watch your daughter get entangled in a relationship Romeo and juliet effect psychology.

Here is what I suggest: When your daughter confides in you about this boyfriend, ask her if his behaviors and demands Pizza man pasadena her feel comfortable.

Ask her in a nonjudgmental and calm manner. Your goal is to subtly induce doubt and have her arrive at her own decision.

Romeo and juliet effect psychology Search Cock

This, of course, would be the best possible outcome. Of course, if you become concerned for her safety then you and your husband will have to step in in a more direct manner.

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